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  • M&A is one of the most used strategies to let a company or group grow in size and at the same time the most important and profitable source of legal consulting for 80% of the biggest law firms in the world. Given the above, to implement the strategy is not easy, as by sure, the following expertise is needed:

    1) vision and enterpreneurship

    2) project management, economic & legal skills; 

    3) a tested and qualified supply chain;

    4) hopefully experience, better if international.

       The vast majority of the EMEA territories are dominated by small and medium sized enterprises, and most of these are struggling to completely satisfy these four requirements, if not with considerable effort, with risks and stress, as support interlocutors are often different, far among each other, and have to be often coordinated in different time zones, languages and cultures.

       A challenge which looks often too hard to SMEs bringing them to a high rate of failure for their Return on Investment.

       HTLC Network has created the premises that facilitate the process of M&A by a number of competitive advantages, which are very difficult to find all together in our competitors, as they are usually bigger in size, longer in delivery and less affordable in cost.

       Please, use our contact page to understand more about our approach and hear about our open M&A opportunities by geographical area.

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    Many people and enterprises dream of owning and operating a business or growing by M&A. It is not uncommon to hear stories of people amd SMEs saving every last cent they earn to start their own company and watch it flourish. But, as business and economic landscapes change, more and more prospective business owners are opting to buy existing businesses instead of starting from scratch.

    There are many benefits to buying an existing business, but above all else, business owners have a higher chance of mitigating risk of closure than by launching a new venture. After all, it’s estimated that “30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first ten.” 

    Here are some basic steps which it is advisable to follow; before buying an existing business it is advisable to gain insight into what to look for in a prospective business, understanding why business owners sell their businesses, evaluating a business’ financial and legal standing, and more.

    1) Which is the goal to reach ?

    2) Which info and docs to collect for more than one option ?

    3) Why owner/s is/are selleing ?

    4) How to evaluate a business ?

    5) How to prepare a SWOT analysis, a business + transition plan, a break even analysis ?

    6) How to make an offer and be protected against any risk ?

    7) How to find and organize the funding and the possible investors ?

    8) How to close the sale and secure documents, goods, plants, worksites and human resources ?

    Should you need support or advice to validate your plan, we are here to help.   

    Please, use our contact page!


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