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Ethic Code

A fully transparent approach

Ethics in business, like in life, seeks to resolve questions of human morality over simple profitability, enforcing the value of respect for humans, animals and environment. Ethics as part of our work philosophy involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right behaviour and values.

  • People

    At HTLC Network, employees are protected from discrimination. Multiethnicity is welcomed in our offices and employees inside the organization have equal rights and opportunities in terms of being hired and receiving promotions or compensation.

    HTLC Network Group we pride ourselves on an unswerving commitment to the highest standards of conduct and ethics. Our job opportunities are open to all candidates meeting the basic requirements, regardless of age, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, disability or marital and domestic status.

  • Environment

    HTLC Network is an environmentally friendly organization and our purpose is to meet all requirements, including legislative obligations such as WEEE Directive on “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment”, relating to the environment. Our group is currently taking measures to eliminate or reduce, as far as possible, any potentially harmful effect on the environment, in order to safeguard natural habitats. We are currently raising employees’ awareness through trainings and dialogues, encouraging recycling and recovery where possible.

    To reduce our operations’s climate impact, we have set the goal to become carbon neutral by 2022, by improving energy efficiency, reducing consumption and switching to renewable sources.

    Moreover, at HTLC Network Italy we have chosen LifeGate Energy as our supplier of electric energy. LifeGate uses only 100% renewable 100% Italian energy of certified origin and Zero Impact®. During the next 2 years we plan to change our contracts in each country going towards providers that supply renewable energy.

    Our employee car fleet is also undergoing an improvement plan. We have invested in an electrical car for use in Milan to test its’ feasibility and advantages, before changing all our vehicles to either electric or hybrid low emission cars.