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Group and participated companies

Goodhams Accountants & Tax Advisors LLP

Goodhams A&TA LLP is a professional association of UK Chartered Public Accountants in London, allowed to have capital shareholders.

HTLC N.G. Holding A.G. and Goodhams have therefore agreed to offer an exclusive partnership to both Client portfolios in order to improve the international knowledge and local experience which are creating an effective added value, in alignment with the HTLC international strategy for the integration of B.P.O. and professional consulting.

HTLC Network Legal

HTLC Network Legal Ltd is an international legal consulting firm based in London (UK), with a network of lawyers which extends to over 25 countries. The company specialise its expertise on mainly four areas: Health & Safety, Immigration & Mobility, Corporate & Individual Taxes and Mergers & Acquisitions.

ERM Network

Enterprises Risk Management Network S.a.g.l. provides customized services to identify and asses business-critical risks and events, by designing and implementing successful strategies. The company delivers its professional knowledge and expertise to national and international clients in Europe, Switzerland and UK.

Bravanark Network

Bravanark Network Ltd is a health & safety consulting company based in London, UK. Since 2000, it delivers its professional knowledge and expertise by supporting and training companies’ teams in this field.

Oriens International Business Consulting

Oriens International Business Consulting C.C. provides tangible, measurable contributions to the expansion of our clients operations in Middle East Countries. It offers value added business development support, market intelligence, critical information, strategic contacts and practical solutions for a successful penetration of new markets.


HTLC Network STPRL provides customized Tax & Accounting services to legally reduce or defer the amount of payable tax, in order to grant financial stability and generate higher incomes. Every taxpayer has different requirements and our expert consultants will advise you on the tax planning strategy, which suits the most with your business needs.