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COVID-19 Emergency

Companies must be ready to face the challenges caused by COVID-19 Emergency and, in this,

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HTLC Network for COVID-19

Coronavirus is continuously spreading around the world and Governments are suspending entire commercial sectors to face this emergency. It is difficult to foresee the economical damage COVID-19 will cause, but it is already known that its consequences will be severely negative for businesses, with complex restart implications.

In this scenario, HTLC Network Group does not intend to leave its clients behind. Therefore, in this section, we have gathered all the services we provide which may be useful to companies in order to face this crisis.

  • Offshore Outsourcing

    Offshore Outsourcing involves the recruitment of a third-party supplier to perform activities in a different country, with leverage cost advantages. Outsourcing services beyond the country’s borders not only reduce labour and capital costs, but also to replace fixed costs with variable costs and increase efficiency by letting your business focus on its core business.

    HTLC Network Group provides offshore outsourcing of non-core routine activities such as: administration, marketing, sales and IT. Indeed, thanks to our direct offices located in East Europe (Bulgaria, Kosovo and North Macedonia), we can offer our clients the greatest possible value at the lowest possible price, by consistently reducing operational costs, when compared to Central-Northern Europe.

  • Suspension of Contracts by Force Majeure

    In this scenario, many companies are considering processing temporary redundancies for their employees, suspending employments and salaries, most likely because their business could not operate in a situation of lockdown.

    In this case, HTLC Network provides a specific consultant in charge of analysing the company’s situation and helping you adopt the special measures each country has offered to businesses.

  • Time & Attendance Solutions

    In a situation where Smart Working becomes essential, HTLC Network Group provides different solutions to manage it:

    • Time & Attendance Software to calculate the attendance hours of work, entry and exit, absences and incidents.
    • HR Workflow Management to track incidents, holidays and communication flows.
    • Employee Scheduling & Shift Planning Software to schedule your employees working hours to match team availabilities, company needs, budget and sales forecasts.
  • Business Management & Administration

    We provide business management & administration assistance in order to help clients adapting to market changes and customer’s needs, maximizing our globalization expertise. Our professional consultants guide Small & Medium Enterprises providing innovation processes through analysis, reorganization or emergency response business plans.

    Thanks to our 40 years’ experience, HTLC Network group offers a meaningful and competitive advantage, also provided by our competent resources and logistical efficiency.