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HTLC Network Legal

International Legal Consulting

International Legal Consulting network coordination and audit by a dedicated Group Entity in London, offering also direct legal consulting for the U.K. territory.

Our lawyers network extends over 25 countries.

The UK legislation allows the ownership of a law firm by a capital shareholder, under the ABS/Alternative Business Structure regulations, in compliance with some restricted conditions:

1) Maximum of shares of 80%;

2) 20% necessarily owned from a UK Chartered Public Solicitor;

3) Activity start approval and audits of the Solicitor Regulation Authority by the UK Law Society;

4) Presence of a solicitor in the board of directors as Legal Compliance Officer (COLP);

5) Presence of a Chartered Public Accountant in the board in quality of Administration & Finance Officer (COFA);

6) Presence of a suitable professional liability insurance policy for a minimum of 3.000.000 UK £ coverage. 

This structure allows consequently a DIRECT CONTROL of our holding entity on ETHICS, ISO-UNI QUALITY PROCEDURES and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (including PRICING ...), which are nearly never possible in case of law firms which are acting with no integration with business process outsourcing companies.

We firmly believe that this is a key competitive advantage towards our international Clients.