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Global Service Interface

Your global outsourcing under control

HTLC Network Group has created its own software GSI (Global Services Interface), which provides businesses with a clear path to achieve their missions as fast and efficiently as possible.

GSI, based on Microsoft SQL server, is an integration between a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and an ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system with the aim of automating all administrative operations.

Operators can choose their virtual assistant help desk, which will take care of most of the operative tasks, which are assigned to the system in a gradual and customized process, providing a consistent productivity increase and cost reduction.


GSI allows your business to focus on its core business by taking care of:

  • Client data registration
  • Pricing and cost forecast
  • Service content and range customization
  • Geographical coverage and destinations choice
  • Time management
  • HR management
  • HR administration
  • Supply chain management
  • Events management
  • Compliance
  • Service orders and ticketing
  • Control panel and dashboards
  • Quality assurance
  • Billing and invoicing payments


For further information about our GSI system, please visit the website of: