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Enterprise Risk Management

HTLC Network Group, in collaboration with two its subsidiaries ERM Network & Bravanark Network, provides personalized services to identify and assess business-critical risks and events.

ERM Network is a Swiss consulting company with offices in Chiasso, Milan and Rome, while Bravanark Network is based in London, UK. Both companies develop customized solutions to optimize clients’ risk taking and risk management, regardless the dimension of their business. Its specialized consultants identify, design and implement risk management strategies to help you profit of emerging opportunities and potential competitive advantages.

Their services include:

  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration
  • Privacy Management
  • Quality Certifications Assistance
  • Training courses through their own e-learning platform
  • Data & IT Security Coordination
  • Inspections Assistance

ERM Network & Bravanark Network deliver their professional knowledge and expertise to national and international clients in Europe, Switzerland and UK.


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