Globalization includes trends to cultural homogenization, faster and cheaper availability of information, decrease of transport costs, decrease of barriers to international trade, a final market demand tending to become similar worldwide, faster transfer of capital on financial markets.
Change of climate, of immigration flows, of average income among nations and individuals are unavoidable consequences, which change daily and gradually all goods and services markets.
No enterprise can allow itself to underestimate these trends, having or not the goal to sell and/or develop itself abroad or simply the goal to survive in the medium long term.

Only an appropriate combination of factors and the enterprenuerial ability and method to acquire knowledge quickly and systematically, can let a company survive and develop in a global environment; as to say Darwin applied in economics: it is not the bigger or stronger to survive, but the faster to adapt to change.

HTLC Network is proposing itself to its Client as a long term, non invasive, but proactive advisor- tutor, aside its Clients management and enterpreneurs to offer an important contribution to accumulation and management of knowledge, best practises, motivated human resources, by the use of a customized technologies, optimizin the price-quality relationship.

As selling to foreign markets, simply exporting occasionally or planning to become international, is anyway a goal which needs careful planning, considerable investments, human resources motivation and an efficient management control system, these elements must be combined first in a ‘vision’, then in a ‘mission’ and finally in a ‘business plan’, considering the same as a dynamic element of the project in countinuous change and update (‘kaizen’ concept).

To start the project the first step should be the one to ensure which are the resources available and situation of the enterprise on the market, to start the journey in the best possible enterprise health conditions, as difficulties should be prevented and not faced after they happen.
A SWOT analysis is a good starting point (strenghs, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), but then the same should be extended to the product and/or service production process analysis, to understand how to create an ‘added value for the Client’ according to experience in markets, production and knowledge of market trends.
It must be by sure considered that changing markets geographically, also products and services might likely need adjustments to adapt themselves to Client different expectations (culture, taste, climate, times, religions etc.).

Deepening the analysis it will be unavoidable the emersion of multiple options and decisions to take, and the best guideline for an enterprise with limited resources will be the one of a step by step process, with small investment, test, check and new decision, so that independently from the opinions of shareholders, directors or managers of the right decision to proceed will be based mainly on objective numbers coming from the market.

What can HTLC Network do for its Clients interested to internationalization assistance?

Definition of vision, mission and business plan preparation
Project and process SWOT analysis
Collection of local market researches on local competitors marketing mix
Country features international analysis: combined variables (political & economical stability, safety, business difficulties, level of country and cultural development, cultural and historic influences, language, technology, population composition and growth, migration, bureaucracy, entry barriers etc.)
Definition of strategic project guidelines-timing-break even/ marketing mix
Licence and brand analysis
Creation of a marketing and sales step by step plan
Check and analysis of possible local internalization public incentives and relieves
Trade and customs duties and transport supply chain analysis
International supply chain analysis, contracting and administration
Research, evaluation and selection of the supply chain members
Local distribution channels SWOT analysis
Possible project extension analysis to M&A, JV, franchising, direct presence options
Feed back information analysis and circular adapting process

HTLC Network service and consulting integrated approach is in addition allowing our Clients to use a totally flexible option of ‘MAKE or BUY’ choice, by which Clients can decide periodically to adjust the content, duration and investment on the ‘internationalization process’ as it might be required or necessary month by month or week by week. This means that additional service, such as thise below, might be added time by time.

Planning of legal entities registration: permanent or non permanent establishment
Planning of trasfer price intercompany agreements
Set up or audit/improvement of an efficient management control system
Analysis of international labour cost and payroll administration
Corporation and Vat tax planning
Information and training of internal Client human resources to assist any phase of the project, for any administrative or technical part, working in teams in which elements can be changed/ switched periodically according to the project management choice
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