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About us

Why chose us ?

10 competitive advantages

1. Integration of international outsourcing business services and consultancy of chartered professionals;

2. Three quality certifications for our group's core activities in international HR administration, payroll and mobility services;

3. Independent bodies auditing and granting quality and compliance (SGS, AICPA, Swiss auditors, C.I.P.P.);

4. A single point of contact: our 'concierge' business services coordinator speaking the Client's native language;

5. The grant of a primary Swiss global professional liability insurance up to 2.000.000 Chf.; 

6. Over 40 years of activity and experience since 1977;

7. Multicultural and multidisciplinary teams at work daily for recurring and non recurring services;

8. One single multi-country services supply agreement, one price-list and one invoice per country, in any preferred currency;

9. A wide range of business services oriented to SMEs performance improvement and business development;

10. International M&A and Real Estate intermediation and coordination services to enforce the projects management department.


We build successful relationships based on ethic, trust and professionalism

Our vision is to develop a permanent knowledge absorption system updated daily to face the challenges of the continuous changes to global markets. 

This vision involves the ability to relate to and inspire human resources, to create new project opportunities with business intelligence and also to

increase the system's performance through Artificial Intelligence;


We are committed to continuous improvement (kaizen)

Our mission is to use the PDCA/Plan-Do-Check-Act (Improve) ISO-UNI and Six Sigma guidelines to develop a 'lean organization model'.  Our main target is to serve international (or wishing to become so) SMEs/Small and Medium Size Enterprises, extending our service range and integrating it with chartered professional  consultancy, in order to offer our Clients the best  price-quality-responsibility-performance relationship.

This development strategy involves a selection procedure of projects with growth potential, combined with a choice of emerging and politically stable countries, by working with highly skilled existing local companies and so creating a networking and/or  partnership system.This opens an incredible cross-selling opportunity list, which is the best test for the intercultural and interprofessional ability of the HTLC Network.