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About Us

Since 1977, HTLC network brings its international best practice, know-how and high-quality services to our clients, delivering the needed insights to address the most complex international challenges.

Over 40 skilled employees and professionals are active in the Group’s direct offices with over 80 supply chain international contractors, directly trained also by our e-learning platform.



HTLC Network milestones

  • 1st July 1977  Foundation of HTLC Network 
  • 17th December 1986  First liability company registration 
  • 13th August 2001  Swiss holding company registration
  • 16th November 2011 Swiss trust company registration 
  • 1st of April 2013  First SSAE 16 (now 18) Type II quality certification 
  • 4th May 2017 Bulgaria subsidiary registration 
  • 23rd August 2017  First EURA Global Quality Seal Certification 
  • 23rd September 2018  Oriens IBS Dubai minority shares acquisition 
  • 14th December 2018  Acquisition of Echo-Xpats Dubai 
  • 18th June 2019  Registration by Swiss Local Anti-Money Laundering authority
  • 31st July 2019  Lugano branch office acquisition & Remicom franchising 
  • 1st September 2019  Trust company authorized activity start for real estate brokerage in Switzerland

Long term innovation and sustainable added value creation for our customer satisfaction priority

 Our mission is to ensure our Client's, human resources and environment complete and recurring satisfaction and to address requirements and needs of compliance in a timely manner with our professional and passioned expertise.    Absorbing information and needs by an organized and structured system is our first step, learning and testing by doing is the second, finding and implementing all the possible improvement is the third and monitoring and measuring results before restaring the process, is the fourth phase.   

 Briefly, an extensive investment of time and resources to apply the key logics of the 'continuous improvement' by a 'lean organization' model.

 For this reason, we provide a Single Point of Contact (SPOC), a specific person in charge of day-to-day communication, management and rapid resolution of service requests and claims. The SPOC will always be updated on your business’ situation and will proactively keep your best interest in consideration. This allows us to be closer to your company, acting as an extension of your team, and to provide you with customized solutions in order to avoid waste of time. 

HTLC Network can be your strategy’s global driver and facilitator by turning your goals into successful opportunities.

We are committed to continuous improvement

Improvement must be continuous, and it must be focused on producing measurable outcomes.

HTLC Network Group adopts the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and Six Sigma approaches to improve its processes and services, eliminating errors and helping clients strive for performance excellence and continuous learning. As we consider ourselves a Lean Organization, our objective is to improve productivity by increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

For this reason, HTLC Network Group has created its own software GSI (Global Services Interface), which provides businesses with a clear path to achieve their missions as fast and efficiently as possible. GSI is a CRM hybrid database, based on Microsoft SQL server, which automates all administrative operations, allowing a consistent increase of productivity and cost reduction.