HTLC NETWORK is a group of companies grown up around its main Trust and Business Process Outsourcing enterprise, under the control of an holding entity, with the mission to supply international integration between Services and Multi-Disciplinary Consulting. Our main target are small and medium size multinational enterprises, seeking international assistance for human resources and multi-country development. Our competitive advantages have been created in nearly 40 years of multi-ethnical experience, with motivated HRs and an efficient supply chain, sharing know how and creating added value by investing in training and in our own software platform oriented to Artificial Intelligence for Business Services.

Our services can allow the daily web tracking of our activities, the creation of customized web control panels of the outsourced services, including check lists, invoicing, expenses, approvals and customer satisfaction records historically. Our info sheets & check lists database includes ‘ready to use’ information related to over 100 countries, including immigration, relocation, labour and tax-corporate law references. A specific new legislation has in addition for the first time from 16/3/2016 allowed the creation of a multidisciplinary law and chartered professionals consulting firm, with the partecipation of our holding as capital shareholders: a concrete opportunity to accelerate the reaching of our mission!


Trend towards outsourcing
Centralization of finance
Multiple rules continuously updated
Shortage of qualified staff
Need to keep updated payroll
Accounting interfaces


Focus on Core Business
Local Experience
Unique Multi-country Service
Consulting Provider
Ensure Agreed Global Performance
Improve Web based Solutions


International Network
Integration of Service and Consulting
Competitive and flexible Fees
Specialist Teams integrated support
Full Service Solutions
Full Responsability Solutions


Accurate & Timely Outputs
Local Commitment
Less HR & tax non Core Administration
Decrease of indirect costs
Global Service Solutions
Increase of negotiation Power


our Specialists, Service Coordinators, Consultants and Supply Chain Network
are exceeding 150 units at your service in over 40 countries




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pleased to offer news and insights from around the world
  • Global Competitiveness Index 2015-2016

    Most advanced economies have recovered to their pre-crisis level of competitiveness. As in previous years, they fill all the top positions in the rankings. Yet some disparity remains, with some Eastern and Southern European countries occupying the lowest rankings in this group: most notable is Greece, which at 81st place is the least competitive economy of this group. Access to finance is still the main drag on growth in most of these economies, with the United States representing a positive exception - it is now close to pre-crisis levels in terms of access to finance. At the other end of the spectrum, in the eurozone finance is much more difficult to access than it was eight years ago, underscoring one of the most important factors slowing down growth on the continent.

    Written on Wednesday, 23 November 2016 13:34
  • The new tax regime for inbound employees in Italy

    On 8 June 2016, the Italian Ministry of economics and finance approved a new law which provides tax incentives to highly skilled individuals who have lived in a foreign country and are willing to live and work in Italy. The new law is directed at EU and non-EU citizens living and working abroad who meet specific requirements, in particular those who work in Italy for a tax resident employer under a contract with that employer or with a company of the same group.
    The new law applies to seconded employees who transfer their domicile and residence in Italy.

    Written on Wednesday, 23 November 2016 12:59
  • Study on the cost of providing wholesale roaming services in the EU

    Directive 2015/2120 has established a new retail regulatory regime for regulated roaming services: the Roam-Like-At-Home (RLAH) regime. The Regulation mandates the Commission to review the wholesale roaming market by 15 June 2016, with a view to assessing measures necessary to enable the abolition of retail roaming surcharges by 15 June 2017.

    Written on Wednesday, 23 November 2016 11:33
  • Implications for employees mobility after the Brexit

    Since the EU referendum result, in which the UK voted to leave the EU with an overall 52% to 48% majority, mobile employees and their employers are concerned how this will impact them, both personally and financially.
    The implications of Brexit for employees’ mobility.
    This is probably one of the biggest concerns for employers with internationally mobile employees or indeed the expat employees personally. Currently, a national or citizen of the European Economic Area - including of 28 EU countries plus Iceland, Liechenstein and Norway – or a Swiss national/citizen can travel freely throughout the EEA and have the automatic right to live and work in any other EEA jurisdiction without the requirement to obtain a work or residence permit, or seek approval from the ‘host’ country.

    Written on Wednesday, 23 November 2016 11:10
  • UK wins for 2nd year: highest global expatriate packages level

    Once more, the United Kingdom has the highest global expatriate packages among the top 40 financial hub countries. The cost to companies of a typical total expatriate pay package for Middle Managers in the UK is around USD 390.000 per year on average.
    When considering the cost of an expatriate package companies need to factor in three main elements: the cash salary, benefits - such as accommodation, international schools, utilities or cars - and tax. The total cost of expatriate packages in the UK, in US dollars, has fallen by 9% in the past year. This is mainly due to a weakened pound against the US dollar making the UK comparatively cheaper.

    Written on Wednesday, 23 November 2016 10:17

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