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HTLC Network’s activity born in June 1977, can today offer its integrated services and consulting support for and from over 40 different countries with sixty direct employees and several hundreds of local consultants and operators, always specialized and often chartered in H.R., Tax, Corporate and Legal matters. Each of the 8 direct offices is organized and coordinated by the Swiss headquarters, supporting and controlling all the Correspondents’ Network of local partners, which are selected considering essential requirements of structure, years of presence on the local market, independence, experience with multinational clients, multi-language and professional skills. By this approach HTLC Network can always find the best balance between quality and cost of the service, in full compliance with the customer wishes and needs.

H for Human Resources
T for Tax & Corporate
L for Legal
C for Consulting
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How can we do it?

Our Correspondents are present since years in the local markets grant lower structure costs and a multiservice coordination grants integrated and shared knowledge.

A strong and continuously updated I.T. and multimedia communication infrastructure is then enforcing the experience of more 35 years of work of the most senior part of the management team. Interprofessional team work produces time saving, higher quality and sinergies. International presence saves search times to the Customer and grants immediate local know how and support.

Presence of HTLC global policies and quality standards grants the reduction of misunderstandings. Use of the latest Information Technologies coordinated by our own I.T. group company  ( grants fast and cost-effective communications and data processing. Work teams are composed only by item-specialized consultants, chartered in each single country of activity, and by others experienced in coordination and organizational consulting.

A “LEAN ORGANIZATION” is more competitive in the price-quality relationship. Each consultant has the opportunity to become partner, therefore there is no limits to the incentive to grow professionally and develop the strongest possible relationship with each network member.




Trend towards outsourcing of non-core Activities
Centralization of finance in shared service centers
Multiple rules continuously updated in all jurisdictions
Shortage of qualified staff
Need to keep updated payroll & accounting interfaces

Focus on Core Business / Local Experience
Unique Multi-country Service and Consulting Provider
Ensure Agreed Global Performance
Improve Web based Solutions (Attendances, Database Check)
Grant Service Evaluation and Transparency
Allow remote control with real time access
Buy Value for Money

International Network / Local Experience
Integration of Service and Consulting / Competitive and flexible Fees
Specialist Teams integrated support
Full Service and Full Responsability Solutions
EU Service Coordinators
Real Time Remote Access
One Global Language, multiple Local Languages

Accurate & Timely Outputs
Local Commitment
Less HR & tax non Core Administration
Decrease of indirect costs
Global Service Solutions
Increase of negotiation Power
Flexibility in cost and structure
Easy access to local Specialists
Personal and Trust Relationships


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