HTLC NETWORK is a group of companies grown up around its main Trust and Business Process Outsourcing enterprise, under the control of an holding entity, with the mission to supply international integration between Services and Multi-Disciplinary Consulting. Our main target are small and medium size multinational enterprises, seeking international assistance for human resources and multi-country development. Our competitive advantages have been created in nearly 40 years of multi-ethnical experience, with motivated HRs and an efficient supply chain, sharing know how and creating added value by investing in training and in our own software platform oriented to Artificial Intelligence for Business Services.


Our services can allow the daily web tracking of our activities, the creation of customized web control panels of the outsourced services, including check lists, invoicing, expenses, approvals and customer satisfaction records historically. Our info sheets & check lists database includes ‘ready to use’ information related to over 100 countries, including immigration, relocation, labour and tax-corporate law references. A specific new legislation has in addition for the first time from 16/3/2016 allowed the creation of a multidisciplinary law and chartered professionals consulting firm, with the partecipation of our holding as capital shareholders: a concrete opportunity to accelerate the reaching of our mission!


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  • Welfare: Rewarding only for similar categories

    The session closure of Revenue Agency has finalized with individual rewarding in welfare field, making it clear that in order to take advantage of the tax benefits provided by paragraphs 2 and 3 and art. 51 of the TUIR, is necessary that the spending limit on goods and services made available to employees is the same within the similar category. 

    Written on Monday, 19 December 2016 15:03
  • Posting workers abroad: Conventional compensations, when shall apply?

    The workers posted abroad for long periods but maintaining the tax residence in Italy, are obliged to pay taxes both in Italy and abroad. This principle, however, find a twofold corrective amount: The first consists in determining the taxation on basis of conventional compensations, the second consists in giving a tax credit on amount of tax paid abroad. In the case of transferring of workers in Non EU countries with which Italy has signed bilateral agreements of social security in whole or in part, for institutes and covers subject of such Convention, the contributions are paid on compensations actually paid to the employee under the secondment and not conventional remunerations pursuant to art 4 Law 398/87.

    Written on Monday, 19 December 2016 14:40
  • The new legislation for transnational posting

    The transnational posting is configured as part of the performance of services in the cases when the company with headquarters in another Member State of the European Union or in a State outside EU detaches in Italy one or more employees in favour of another enterprise, even if the latest belongs to the same group, or in favour of its own branch/unit of production, or of another recipient. The European Union has felt the need to "strengthen" the Directive 96/71/EC, concerning the transnational postings in the area of the services rendered, with the approval of the new Directive 2014/67/ EC, which in practice defines the principles of application of previous legislation.

    Written on Monday, 19 December 2016 14:34
  • Hungary: Foreigners’ obligations in 2016 and permanent establishment

    Considering that the value added tax harmonized system between the EU member states and the valid conventions signed with more than 80 countries, cross-border services can flow without hindrance and the significant part of the activities can be carried out in Hungary without any permanent establishment, just in the possession of a Hungarian tax number. So that, there are a huge number of foreign companies in Hungary, which carry out (economic) activity under the Hungarian tax number but without creating permanent establishment according to the corporate law. Conforming to point 33, paragraph 4 of the Act LXXXI of 1996 on Corporate Income Tax permanent establishment is a permanent business location, device or equipment, where and/or with which the taxpayer is engaged in business activities in whole or in part, regardless of the title under which the taxpayer is using it.

    Written on Monday, 12 December 2016 16:08
  • Italia: può essere rinnovato il permesso di soggiorno durante l’attesa di occupazione?

    Il Ministero dell’Interno ha precisato che per il Permesso di soggiorno per attesa occupazione, al termine del periodo minimo di validità pari a un anno, se il cittadino straniero è in possesso dei requisiti reddituali di cui all’art. 29, c.3, lett. b) del D.lgs. 286/1998, può richiederne il rinnovo. Il chiarimento del Ministero dell’interno è stato comunicato con la circolare 3/10/2016 n.40579. Il Permesso di soggiorno è regolato attualmente dall’’art. 22, c.11 del T.U. sull’immigrazione, riconoscendo allo straniero titolare in possesso del permesso di soggiorno per lavoro subordinato che perde il posto di lavoro, anche per dimissioni, il diritto di essere iscritto nelle liste di collocamento per il periodo di residua validità del permesso di soggiorno.

    Written on Monday, 12 December 2016 16:03

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